About us

Associazione Temporanea di Scopo (ATS) (“Temporary Association of Purpose”)
Leader: C.U.G.Ri.
Scientific Technical Manager: Prof. Ing. Paolo Villani
Principals: Comune di Pollica (SA), Comune di San Mauro Cilento (SA), Legambiente Campania, La Santavenere srl, Agricola Salella srls, Società Agricola Alessandra srl, Dani Simonetta, La Greca Marco, Cilento Giuseppe, Aceto Maria Luisa, Marrocco Olga, Squilla Carmela, Nuovo Cilento SCRL, Feo Ottavio, Vassallo Carmelo, Tersauro Vittorio, Maiuri Erminia

ATS established in compliance with the civil code

Through a careful analysis of the territorial context and of the water crisis generated by the climate change in progress, the Temporary Association of Purpose (ATS) “RESTORE Project”, has identified in the adoption of a systemic approach of a multidimensional or multi-thematic network, the best way to combat climate change and reduce its negative effects in the environmental field, specifically in agriculture.

RESTORE stimulates farms and public entities, which operate daily in the area, to base their work on the use of increasingly sustainable and multifunctional production methods, demonstrating the potential of these methods also by monitoring various environmental parameters.

Through this collective project, the partnership aims above all to reduce the environmental impact in agriculture, through the assumption of common commitments and cooperation agreements between a plurality of subjects, public and private. A fundamental aspect is, then, the dissemination of knowledge and results in order to raise the awareness of the individual citizen on these environmental issues in contrast to the climate changes in progress.